1416 - Rose Crest street reconstruction

Lead Engineer: Tom Collins, P.E.
E-mail: tcollins@rfcengineering.com
(763) 862 - 8000

8/22/17: The final inch of pavement will be placed Fall 2017.

6/8/17: Swing-away mailboxes will be reinstalled to original locations on Tuesday June 13th.

4/17/17: Construction will begin early May 2017. Mailboxes will be temporarily relocated west of the project on 171st Avenue near Goodhue Street. This location has been approved by the Post Office.

6/21/16: The project start is delayed until Spring 2017 to coordinate the County Ditch dredging project with the Coon Creek Watershed District.

5/14/15: Survey notifications mailed to property owners. Survey and wetland delineation required by the Coon Creek Watershed District will be completed mid summer. Design will be completed during the fall of 2015 with construction commencement in 2016.

5/5/15: Notification was received from the DNR that impacts to protected state-listed plants was not anticipated because of lack of habitat.

4/2/15: A site review was conducted by an Endangered and Threatened Plants Surveyor to determine whether habitat existed for rare plant species.

3/31/15: Notified by the DNR that the proposed reconstruction project had the potential to impact habitat that may support protected rare plant species.

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