Soderville Drive reconstruction

Lead Engineer: Tom Collins P.E.
(763) 862 - 8000

The Prime Contractor is North Valley, Inc. and the contact is:
Jeff Wunderlich - Project Manager
Mobile: (612) 282-5039

Approved Plans

7/25/19: Concrete driveways were paved yesterday. As a reminder, please do not drive on these for a minimum of 5 days to allow the concrete to cure. Seeding will take place today and the second list of asphalt will be scheduled for late summer or early fall.

7/18/19: Topsoil is finished being placed and seeding on the site will be completed on July 25th and 26th. The second lift of asphalt is scheduled for later this summer.

6/24/19: Paving is scheduled for Wednesday June 26th, weather permitting.

6/18/19: Paving is scheduled for early next week, weather permitting.

6/12/19: Construction has been well underway. The roadbed is completed and ditches are being finished. Paving will be postponed to allow the class 5 to set after the soil corrections were completed. The website will be updated when a date is scheduled.

5/8/19: Pavement reclaimation is scheduled to begin May 14th. Driveway culverts have been delayed until the roadway pavement has been reclaimed.

5/1/19: Driveway culvert work has been delayed until May 9th.

4/30/19: Driveway culverts will begin being placed May 6th and road work is planed to begin May 8th. Please remember to be cautious when approaching running machinery.

4/3/19: Construction is scheduled to start April 22nd, weather permitting. A construction resident notice was mailed out today and can be viewed by clicking Construction Resident Notice.

2/25/19: Tree removal has been delayed until Tuesday February 26th due to weather conditions.

2/22/19: Trees were marked for removal. Trees with ribbon tied on them are not being removed. Tree removal will begin Monday February 25th.

2/19/19: North Valley, Inc. was awarded the bid for the reconstruction project.

2/14/19: Surveyors will be on site marking trees and staking/flagging areas to be cleared on Monday, February 18th. The contractor could begin tree clearing work as early as Tuesday, February 19th. A resident notice was sent out today which can also be viewed by clicking Resident Notice.

Tree removal will be completed between February 19th and March 31st. Stump removal will be completed by May 31st.

The tree removal plans can be viewed at Tree Removal Plans.

2/13/19: Bids will be opened at 11:00am.

1/23/19: Advertisement for Bids was advertised in Star Tribune and on

1/22/19: City Council approved plans and authorized the advertisement for bids.

Reconstruction is scheduled to commence in 2019.


The above information will be maintained as up to date as possible.