1805 - Twin Birch Acres Street Reconstruction

Lead Engineer : David Krugler P.E.
E-mail: dkrugler@rfcengineering.com
(763) 862 - 8000

Approved Plans

8/21/20: The contract had requirements that if this project was portioned in 2021, that storm/curb and bituminous
were in place by November 11, 2020.
Due to the lateness of award, and the contractor not starting this project this year, the deadlines are as follows
7/31/2021 - Storm, Curb, Class 5 and first lift of Bituminous
8/15/2021 - Final Lift of Bituminous
9/15/2021 - Project Complete.

7/20/20: The Ham Lake City Council awarded the project to New Look Contracting, Inc.

7/15/20: Bids opened at 11:00am at City of Ham Lake.

6/24/20: Advertisement for Bids were advertised in Star Tribune and QuestCDN.com


The above information will be maintained as up to date as possible.