2103 - Meadow Park N of Constance Boulevard
Lead Engineer : Luke Zellmer
E-mail: lzellmer@rfcengineering.com
(763) 862 - 8000

5/6/24 - Project bids were accepted by the City Council. The project has been awarded to Northdale Construction Co.

4/30/24 - Surveyors will be on-site either 5/2/24 or 5/3/24 to markup select areas for utility relocations. Comcast is planning on doing relocation work starting 5/6/24.

4/8/24 - 2103 Resident Notice - Removal/Salvage Areas was been sent out via mail to inform property owners of updated project timelines.

4/4/24 - Bid Opening will be 5/1/24 at 11:00 AM. Council acceptance of lowest bid will be 5/6/24.

4/1/24 - City Council approved the project to be advertised for contractor bids.

7/20/23 - Public works ran into equipment failure, seeding will be pushed into the week of July 24th.

5/15/23 - 2103 Resident Notice - Project Revision and Map have been sent out via mail to inform residents of the revised project.

2/7/23 - The City awarded the 2023 Bituminous Overlays project to Park Construction.

10/24/22 - Centerpoint Engergy will be on site to install a new gas line starting the week of 10/31/22.

10/11/22 - City Council directed a change in scope of the project. The project will be reduced an overlay of the existing roadway on Hastings Street, 164th Lane and Kenyon Street. Reconstruction will be limited to 163rd Lane and Isanti Street. Due to this modification, some redesign will be required due to storm water assumptions made with the original plan.

8/8/22 - Construction will not commence until Spring 2023. Tree stumps will be removed by Rivard Contracting in conjunction with Public Works in upcoming weeks.

6/16/22 - Notices was been sent out via mail to inform residents of updated project timelines.

3/11/22 - Rivard Construction will be performing the tree clearing portion of the road construction project due to the Ham Lake Oak Wilt requirement that no oak trees are to be removed between April 1st and July 15th.


The above information will be maintained as up to date as possible.